Field & Stream's Command Hunt 5-in-1 Reversible Jacket Increases the Chances

Get in on the obvious advantage of Field & Stream's reversible hunting gear.

Walk into any respectable outdoor store, and odds are they're going to have a ton of options in the hunting jacket department. Most hunters don't limit themselves to one kind of hunting in one place, so they'll usually resort to buying multiple coats.

Maybe you deer hunt in a treestand in your home woods of Wisconsin, but visit your buddy in Oklahoma for a public land hunt every year. Maybe you're using a new ground blind this season, or you are seeing the forecast calls for below freezing temps.

What one jacket is going to satisfy all of that?

It'd be tough to find something versatile enough to check so many boxes, but we've found something that comes close.

The Field & Stream® Men's Command Hunt 5 in 1 System Hunting Jacket might just be the most versatile of its kind. It's a combination of an insulated liner and waterproof shell. It uses a HydroProof® Ultra breathable, windproof and waterproof barrier, which offers the ultimate protection against the elements. The only choice you have to make is whether or not you want the deer and big game-oriented camo patterns, or the waterfowl and turkey-centric patterns.

You can pick either the Mossy Oak Blades and Bottomland version, or the Break Up Country version. Both would serve any hunter with versatility in mind well.

The jacket is fully seam-sealed, keeping the outer layer water and weather proof, and the overall construction will hold up over time and use.

Oh, and the adjustable hem makes it customizable depending on your size or your required range of movement.

You won't be caught by surprise if you gear up with the Field & Stream Command Hunt 5-in-1 Reversible Jacket, that's a guarantee.