Field & Stream Has Finally Made Some Heavyweight Hunting Apparel You Can Afford

The search for heavyweight hunting apparel just got easier, thanks to the affordable gear from Field & Stream.

It can be tough finding high quality cold weather hunting gear without emptying you wallet or watching you bank account shrink. The purchases add up, and it's tough to justify spending so much when you've got guns, ammo, and plenty of other things to buy to properly outfit yourself.

If you know your time spent hunting is going to involve low temps and bad weather, then we've got an insider secret to fill you in on: You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on a jacket or coveralls to have them be effective.

How do we know this is true? Because we've given the Field & Stream collection of late season hunting apparel a thorough investigation, and deemed it just as good (if not better) than stuff you can find for twice the price.

Specifically, it's the True Pursuit line that really shines, with its coveralls, bibs, and jackets built to withstand the elements and last through season after season.

The True Pursuit Insulated Coveralls stand atop the collection, with a breathable, waterproof barrier and brushed tricot body lining that retains heat. Hand warming pockets and zippered leg openings with interior storm flaps round out the features you'll find on all great coveralls, but these will only run you an MSRP of $119.99. If you're lucky, you'll encounter them for even less than that, since the Field & Stream Shop is so keen on sales and discounts.

It was a wet, chilly morning when we tested out these coveralls, and despite the cold snap things stayed toasty; calling it a day wasn't even a consideration.

What about a good pair of hunting bibs? How much would you expect to pay for those? For an MSRP of just $79.99, the True Pursuit Hunting Bibs give you several great camo options and the same excellent wind and waterproof technology as the Coveralls.

A long winter sit in a treestand doesn't seem so bad when bibs like these are keeping you warm, and there isn't a dent in your budget after buying them.

If you really want to extend your dollar, you can cash in on the extreme versatility of the Command Hunt 5-in-1 Hunting Jacket. Though it isn't part of the same True Pursuit line, it mirrors the same features while giving you a ton of options.

The style we were sent had Mossy Oak Country on one side of the outer layer, and a blaze orange wood-themed camo on the reverse side. Peel that outer layer off, and you've got an insulated liner, able to be removed if the temperatures rise or you're on the move.

The liner is black on one side, and features Mossy Oak Eclipse on the reverse side, the camo company's exclusive pattern favorited by ground blind and elevated blind hunters across the outdoor community.

Add it all up, and you've got five ways to wear the jacket, increasing the value of the already-decent $169.99 MSRP.

We know how important it is to sportsmen and women to have the right gear at the right times, but we also believe that doesn't have to translate to big, costly purchases. Though we haven't used the Field & Stream cold weather apparel for multiple seasons, we can't truly give a sense of its overall value. That being said, all signs point to this gear being well-designed and constructed with attention to detail.

When noticeable, those are the things we think all hunters should care about.