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Check Out the Feel Free Lure 2 Kayak, a Paddling Angler's Dream

If you're looking for the Cadillac of tandem kayaks, the Lure 2 from Feel Free might fit the bill. Yes, it can be used solo as well, but why not take along your favorite person?

Feel Free kayaks will be stepping up their game this fall by offering their popular Lure series in a tandem model. There are a lot of similarities with the solo variety, but this will give the users the added feature of not going alone.

The Lure 2 offers two separate cockpits allowing each paddler to have room to maneuver and have the ability to cast, stretch out, etc without being hampered by their companion. Both cockpits are capable to mimicking the other by being able to install the new Feel Free Overdrive System for both users as well as fish finders, etc.

Like many tandems, the Lure 2 comes standard with 6" hatches for storage of small items and hull access. It comes in at just over 14' long. Staying true to the Lure features, it does have a "wheel in the keel" and offers two flush mount rod holders.

The easy to install Feel Free Rudder System can be added for an additional cost. Speaking of cost. The Lure 2 is expected to retail for $1499 (which is cheaper than 2 Lures).

According to Feel Free, the Lure 2 is capable of being used as a single person kayak as well.  

If you're looking for a stable, comfortable and streamlined tandem kayak, the Lure 2 is just what you're looking for.