Feed Your .22 With These 7 Great Ammo Buys

Summer is for plinking with .22s; it's America's favorite pastime.

What caliber is fun for the whole family to shoot? That would be the famous .22 rimfire cartridge. Low recoil and low noise make the .22 a fine choice for target shooting.

The .22 ammo shortage we heard of years back is now history, and great deals on good ammo will keep the dust off your favorite .22 caliber firearm.

Plus, great deals on ammo lead to longer, more successful range trips.

1. Aguila .22 SuperExtra

Aguila Ammunition is a hallmark of quality. This copper plated solid point 40 grain .22 long rifle ammunition has some zip at 1,255 FPS (feet per second). Buy in bulk for the most bang for your buck.

2. Winchester Wildcat

Winchester Wildcat .22 long rifle ammunition has been a favorite of shooters for decades. The 40 grain lead round nose bullet functions well and is a great pick for small game when season opens too.

3. CCI Copper-22

CCI has gone unleaded with it's Copper-22 Ammunition. If you live in an area where leaded ammunition is banned such as California this copper and compressed polymer matrix bullet is perfect for your needs. That little 21 grain bullet hollowpoint bullet sizzles at 1850 fps too.

4. CCI Quiet-22

Need a quieter target shooting ammunition? Look no further than the CCI Quiet-22 cartridge. The 40 grain lead round nose bullet is clocked way down at 710 fps in velocity. That speed is in the world of pellet rifles. It has the quietness of a pellet rifle but a smack of a .22 long rifle bullet. The neighbors will never know about your backyard range.

5. Winchester Super-X

Winchester Super-X ammunition is well respected in the shooting sports and hunting. The 37 grain copper plated hollow point bullet is a great choice for both target and small game uses.

6. Winchester USA White Box

Winchester's bulk packed 36 grain copper plated hollow points .22 long rifle ammunition are packed for value. Imagine the fun a full box of 555 rounds of Winchester .22 ammunition can provide.

7. Remington Thunderbolt

Remington's 22 Thunderbolt Ammo has kept shooters at the range with their 40 grain lead round nose ammunition. Now that indeed is a value for the plinker, target shooter and hunter alike.