dead muskie
Eric Haataja/Instagram

Feast Your Eyes on This Brute of a Muskie That Was Found Floating

True giants swim amongst us... here's the proof.

They say the muskie is the fish of 10,000 casts, but for this pair of anglers, it took zero. Professional fishing guide Eric Haataja was working the waters of a small inland lake July 26 when he came across an absolutely massive muskie. Unfortunately, it was dead.

Eric posted the following picture to his Instagram account highlighting the incredible find:

He also posted this pic to his Facebook page, which shows its true size:

dead muskie

Cal is 6'2" and the tail is touching the ground.

You definitely know a fish is BIG when you can't fit it all in the pic!

We can only imagine what a fish of this size would feed on. To give you an idea, CLICK HERE to check out a recent post we shared that is sure to make your jaw drop.

RIP Muskie. From the looks of things, you enjoyed a long and prosperous life.

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