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Fatsack Joined Forces with ConnectScale to Create the Total Tournament Tool

Fishing tournaments have been revolutionized, thanks to Fatsack Outdoors and ConnectScale.

Tournaments seem to be popping up all over the place in the fishing industry, mainly because they're a great way to get a bunch of people together, enjoy some fishing, and spread the word with potential customers about gear, opportunity, and more.

What isn't easy is organizing one. Anyone who's tried will tell you there's more work involved than you'd imagine, and coordinating all the logistics can become a pretty hefty job in no time.

Fatsack Outdoors realized this, and set their app up to serve as the preeminent fishing tournament hosting software, and they've pushed things even further with a recent development.

Fatsack is the only platform with an integrated Bluetooth scale that serves as the record keeper, which means the legitimacy of catch recording is enhanced tenfold. All you do is weigh your fish, and the scale sends the data, wirelessly, to the app on your phone or tablet. 

In turn, there's a real time leaderboard, and a real trustworthy way to conduct the tournament.

Fishermen and women can join free sponsored events, create their own based on weight, count, or length, and truly hold the key to maximizing the fun to be had in a fishing tournament.

Right now, there's a limited time bundle package in the ConnectScale store. If you go there, you can see everything you get: the scale, a lip gripper, and an official Fatsack Outdoors tournament ruler. 

Because we have the inside connections, and because the folks at Fatsack are so cool, they've hooked you up with a discount code for 10% off. Just enter "WOS" when prompted, and you'll be that much closer to the ultimate fishing tool of the future.

Catch it, weigh it, win it. Tournament fishing really has become that simple.