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Extremely Fast Deer Hilariously Speeds Past Hunter

Fast Deer

If you’ve ever had a fast deer run past your stand, then you know how this hunter feels.

After realizing this fast deer is just simply too quick, this frustrated hunter exclaims, “I don’t know what is going on around here. There are deer running all over the place.”

Have you seen deer take off running after bumping them on the way to your stand, or have you seen them “make you” and bolt? If so, then this video will look familiar to you. One thing this video does demonstrate is the speed at which a deer can run. They are quick animals without a doubt, and apparently playful as well.

Truth be told, I can’t tell if this is staged or real, but by the third deer running past, I was laughing out loud. This video might leave you unsure if it is one deer or several, but either way it is a fast deer.

If you were in a situation like this in the woods, would you have been able to sneak in an ethical shot?

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Extremely Fast Deer Hilariously Speeds Past Hunter