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Fans of the Walking Dead, Can Lucille Really Stop That Bullet?

For Walking Dead fans, could villain Negan's beloved bat, Lucille, really stop the 9mm bullet Rosita fired at him in the mid-season finale? Let's find out.

The Walking Dead is a phenomenal success, there's no doubt about that. A ton of fan articles and videos have been produced on the show. In fact, we've even shared a video by the Yankee Marshal on the top five revolvers of the Walking Dead.

Well, here's a video that explores the reality of a scene from season 7, episode 8, wherein Rosita attempts to kill bad guy Negan by shooting at him with a handloaded 9mm. Rosita's aim is true, but at the last second Negan's baseball bat, Lucille, inadvertently blocks and stops the bullet, and saves his life.

Could this really happen? Could a baseball bat stop a 9mm round? Let's see.

TV shows aren't really known for their accurate portrayal of firearms use, and The Walking Dead is no exception. (I don't know whether to chuckle or sigh every time I see Rick lift and point his .357 Colt Python at an adversary's feet. How in the heck does he aim?)

But TwangnBang does everything he can to give this a more than fair test. He buys a brand new ash Louisville Slugger and wraps the bat in fake barbed wire so as not to weaken the grain with the nails it would take to secure real barbed wire.

He also chooses a 9mm cartridge that is as close to what Eugene, in the show, would have handloaded for Rosita.

He takes the shot and the bullet goes clean through the sweet spot of the bat and into the rubber dummy behind it. So no, it is highly unlikely that Rosita's shot would have been captured by Lucille like it was in the show.

But that's TV! We just have to suspend belief and accept that some things aren't going to match up with real life. Like, you know, zombies walking the earth.

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