Fans Get the Works in Busch's '500 to the 500' Campaign

Busch sent 500 fans to the Daytona 500 and made sure to go the extra mile.

Sometimes when we see commercials promoting some kind of sweepstakes contest, it's hard not to wonder if there actually are winners.

Does anyone actually win anything from those codes inside bottle caps? Does anyone ever get anything besides extra fries in McDonald's Monopoly?

Well, a total of 500 people actually won in the "500 to the 500" promotion, and Busch didn't leave anyone short-changed.

Fans who found a checkered-flag-wrapped can in a case of beer submitted a photo to Busch showcasing their excitement and interest in attending the race. Busch then selected 250 fans, each of whom was able to bring a guest.

Attendees enjoyed an all-inclusive trip to the Daytona 500 and the opportunity to meet 2014 NASCAR Cup Series champion Kevin Harvick, and we went along for the ride.

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This was the second time Wide Open Spaces made a trip to a NASCAR race, but these fans certainly brought a completely different atmosphere. We had the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the winners, an many of them had only dreamed of going to the Daytona 500. Some of them even traveled from across the country.

"It had just snowed," winner Christina Pin said. "I decided to put on my snow pants and slide down the hill in my backyard holding my Busch can and screamed 'Buschhhhhhh beer!' When I found out my submission had been selected, I was ecstatic. We live in Minnesota, so it's freezing there and we've never been to a race, ever."

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Busch, the favorite beer of many outdoorsmen, really outdid itself in this campaign. Fans didn't just go the race, but got the entire Daytona experience.

Harvick, who draws many fans with his passion for hunting and fishing, didn't just make a speech to a group of fans. He came the night before the race, ready to shake hands, exchange a few words and take pictures with each and every one of them. Fans wearing camouflage hats lined up with excitement to meet their favorite racer.

NASCAR and the outdoors tend to cross paths regularly, and Busch Beer is often the intersection.

We got to see it firsthand, and appreciated the opportunity to see two major sectors of America's Heartland collide at one of the country's most famous events.