Fallen Soldier's 1999 Toyota Celica Reunited with Teenage Son

Find out about the 1999 Toyota Celica that's got a lot of memory attached.

When U.S. Army First Lieutenant Jonathan D. Rozier was killed in Iraq on July 19, 2003, his son Justin was just nine months old. With Justin's birthday approaching, his mother, Jessica, took to Facebook to find him a special car - a 1999 Toyota Celica convertible that was owned by his dad.

I'm not crying, you're crying!

Jessica got rid of the car shortly after her husband's death, so she made a post on Facebook trying to locate the car's whereabouts; a car that could literally be anywhere if at all still on the road.

This needle-in-the-haystack search started with just a VIN from an old registration and the only image she had of the car, but surprisingly, the search didn't last long thanks to Kyle Fox.

Not only did Fox and his Follow The Flag organization help to find the car, which was in Utah, but he also raised money to acquire the 18-year-old car, restore it and get it to Justin in Texas.

A number of companies came together to give the 1999 Toyota Celica a fresh coat of paint, a custom interior, and a new set of tires. By the time it drove up Justin's driveway for a surprise birthday present, it was probably in the same - if not better - condition than his father left it.

Check out the heartwarming story on CBS Sunday Morning, and check out some of the updates on Follow The Flag's Facebook page.