These Extremely Slow Motion Bass Blow-Ups Are a Thing of Beauty

You've never seen slow motion bass blow ups like this before.

After watching this video you'll find a new appreciation for slow motion bass blow ups. This compilation of bass strikes is filmed in extreme slow motion and allows you to see every single moment of several slow motion bass blow ups.

Although this angler wasn't catching any of the bass there's no doubt he enjoyed getting to see these epic bass strikes. These fish were hungry and he utilized this opportunity to capture stunning slow motion bass blow ups.

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Did you see two bass try to get the same fish? Thankfully the Youtube user had plenty of bait fish to go around or one of them would have gone hungry.

It was amazing to see the bass appear from the depths of the water then slowly break the surface. Getting to see them open their mouths in this high quality video leaves no doubt why they're called big mouth bass. Now that you've seen these slow motion bass blow ups, it's time to make your own memories on the water, but don't forget the camera.