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Exterminator Battles Swarm of 1 Million Yellow Jackets

In a scene out of a nightmare, a particularly brave exterminator recently battled a refrigerator-sized nest of European Yellow Jackets.

Wearing a beekeeping suit and armed with just a shovel, Louisiana exterminator Jude Verret headed into a shed in Patterson, Louisiana, and went to work doing what he does best: removing pests.

Being an exterminator, there's not a lot that creeps Verret out, but even he admitted that this monstrous nest had him on edge. According to Verret, the nest was the size of a refrigerator, and he estimated it was home to one million European Yellow Jackets. The extermination took 45 minutes and was filmed on a GoPro camera.

The sight is enough to give anyone the heebie-jeebies. The yellow jackets create a drone that quickly overwhelms everything else, and they fly into the camera lens and thwack against Verret's suit.

Take a look. Unless you're squeamish about bugs - if so, you might not want to watch this video.

Verret has been a licensed exterminator for over a decade. What's truly amazing is how he hacks away at the nest and carries entire pieces of it out of the shed without getting stung - not even once.

If you ever encounter a nest of insects, steer clear and leave removing it up to the professionals. Hornets, wasps, and bees can be deadly if you're allergic, and many people aren't aware of the fact that they're allergic until they get stung. Even if you're not allergic, a sting can be highly painful, so keep your distance.

How would you react if you came face-to-face with this massive nest? Let us know in Facebook comments.

This article was originally published November 28, 2017. Yes, we still have nightmares.

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