EXPLICIT LANGUAGE: Another Crazy Death Threat Followed By a Great Response from Cam Hanes

Somehow and someway, another anti-hunter has gone way too far with their thoughts. But Cam rebutted like we all should.

Cam Hanes has an incredibly passionate, large, and loyal fan following on social media. But with that comes a very passionate, large, and hateful group of followers as well.

And as we have seen so many times before, a few anti-hunters push the envelope way too far, and quite frankly I don't understand how they are not justifiably punished for it.

I run a few social media pages of my own, strictly posting about hunting, fishing, and outdoor material. I constantly get reported to Facebook for the pictures I have on there, and have even been shut out of my accounts a time or two for "inappropriate content," which was actually nothing more than ethically-harvested animals.

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Then you get people threatening the lives of other humans with post and messages like this, but with no consequences and it is rather mind blowing. It's frustrating to say the least, and scary to read what people can say. We're left wondering if they are just keyboard warriors, or if they would ever really act on their threats.

Appalling, disrespectful, and terrifying, all because of hunting? It is one thing to disagree with something or someone. But this takes it to another level.

I can honestly see where the anti-hunting community comes from. If we put ourselves in their shoes, and react from just pictures, I can see how it can seem distasteful. If you have NEVER experienced a hunt, you don't understand the work that goes into it and the connection with the animal upon harvest. And then getting to enjoy the the organic meat from the hunt. It is a special journey and process.

Do we think it is fun and enjoy it? Of course we do, and any hunter would be lying if they said they didn't, but it is about so much more.

Healthy discussion, thorough research, and working to understand both sides is how this conflict is supposed to be resolved. Then if you still disagree, you acknowledge it and move on. Anyone who feels it's productive to threaten to kill someone because they do things differently is feeding the problem.

But Cam, like he and so many others in our industry have, handles the situation with class, and has a message that I think says a lot. What he responded with is a lesson in itself, not just about hunting, but about life.

So tolerate and loving huh? When do you suppose the last time was a hunter threatened the life of a non-hunter. Never. Know why? Because hunters have respect for life. And, because hunting takes skill, dedication and hard work and teaches one how to deal with failure as most days afield end with nothing more than a pure experience and appreciation for the beauty of the wild, hunters are repeatedly humbled. Being humble is good. To be clear success, i.e., a dead animal is rare for most, so a hunter spend most days learning and becoming more well-rounded. For those that don't know, for a hunter the kill is not the true reward, it's the pursuit and the journey. If blessed with success, the animal is cherished because it means meat in the freezer. Thusly, hunting also teaches honor. While conversely, making on-line death threats is cowardly. Either way, for me messages like this are telling. With no honor, hard-earned success or out-of-your-comfort-zone living, one can get spoiled and soft. When someone like this sees something they don't understand, like or agree with they throw a tantrum and say things like, "I'll kill you..." Makes me even more #proudtobeahunter PS, don't worry I'm not "down" from receiving messages like this. Not in the least. I post it to educate and hold people accountable that break the law by making on-line death threats.

Will online harassment of hunters ever go away? No. But should people be held accountable when making life threatening remarks like this? I would sure hope so.

Until then, take the high road, educate the uninformed, and offer to take an open minded anti-hunter out hunting. I am sure they will have a new appreciation and show a little more understanding and respect to our side once they witness the outdoors and fruits of a hunt in person.

Kudos Cam Hanes, keep hammering.

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