Shooting Carbon Fiber Shotgun Slugs

Check out this video testing the armor piercing capabilities of experimental carbon fiber shotgun slugs.

Experimental shotgun ammunition is all the rage on YouTube shooting video channels lately. From new ammo being manufactured by major ammo companies to random objects being fired via shotgun, there is no shortage of entertaining videos on the subject matter.

You can now add carbon fiber shotgun slugs to that ever growing list thanks to the video above.

YouTuber TAOFLEDERMAUS runs a very popular channel featuring videos of himself testing out many different types of experimental shotgun ammo. One of his latest videos shows him testing a series of carbon fiber shotgun slugs for their armor-piercing capabilities.

The design of the slugs was inspired by the pellets used in air rifles. However, instead of being made from metal and having a hollow design, the carbon fiber shotgun slugs are solid carbon fiber and feature a carbide penetrator core. TAOFLEDERMAUS tries the slugs in a variety of different shotgun shell types in order to test their effectiveness against a piece of AR500 Armor level III body armor.

Just when you think that there couldn't possibly be anything else new to fire from a shotgun a new video always tends to pop up. Even though the carbon fiber shotgun slugs shown in the video didn't have devastating results on the body armor, the damage they did cause was quite impressive.