Teardrop Camper

Everything You Needed to Know About Teardrop Campers

Teardrop campers are the epitome of easy comfort and the weather is only going to get warmer.

The teardrop camper, or teardrop travel trailer, is one of the most iconic and versatile sleeping quarters for getting off-road this summer.

These diminutive retro-style campers can hold a queen size mattress, give you the interior height that you need, and even carry air conditioning.

Camper vans will come and go as a small family outing vehicle, but this little guy has the full size sleeping space and high quality of many other campers that aren't as compact in size. The teardrop can include not only a sleeping cabin, but a kitchen area as well.

The teardrop goes as far back as the 1930s and the 1940s and can be towed by even the most compact-sized vehicle, such as the mid to small size SUVs of today's roads. Some models of these worthy little campers weigh as little as 850 pounds while bearing a tongue weight of only 130 pounds.

Even if you haven't owned one of these wonderful campers, just sitting in them makes it easy to see why they are so popular. They're quite secure to stay in with their hard-sided design, and have no issue keeping the elements right where they belong.

Their compact size and ease of towing promotes better gas mileage, and with their retro appeal comes a wonderful sense of style. Some folks take a great deal of pride in making their personal camper something to be proud of.

Some teardrop campers have been seen fitted with a pop-up extension on the top, and while that gives the user more room, it rather defeats the purpose of having a hard-top. The trailer itself usually has enough room between the camper and your vehicle that can be fitted with a grate to store items like a large rubber tote or even a cooler.

Teardrop trailers are obviously great for hunters and fishermen who choose to stay on their grounds for more than a day or two. The ease of use and quickness of setup (with no tear down) give the outdoorsman an advantage, especially on public land.

When camping with neighbors in a common campground, the teardrop is a great way to meet people who aren't all that familiar with the concept. In some models, the kitchen compartment is accessible from the outside rear of the trailer, including a two-burner stove and reachable storage cubbies. Fitting two to three people in a teardrop is common, certainly depending on the size of the individuals.

These go anywhere, easily mobile little units are made for the long haul and have a good track record of long life. Their ease of use is matched only by their affordability. Starting as low as $2,750, to as much as $12,000 for a top-of-the-line model, the teardrop is here to stay.

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