Get Your Budgie These 6 Essentials and They'll Literally Say Thank You

All budgies are parakeets but there are many different types of parakeets, and they come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. The budgie is a wonderful pet for first-time bird owners. It's important to know ahead of time, though, that they are social animals and won't do well in isolation. They enjoy being handled yet children must be taught to be gentle.

The veterinary experts at tell us,

"The budgie (parakeet) is often thought of as a "beginner bird," however, this social, outgoing little bird deserves just as much care and attention as larger parrots." 

They are chatty birds (my fave reason to live with a budgie) and did you know that one budgie has been recorded repeating more than 1,700 words! They pick up words easily! Here are some fun facts and ways to make sure your budgie is talking, singing and whistling!

Care & Enrichment to Mimic Their Natural Habitat

The budgie is native to Australia, where it still dominates the grasslands in large, undulating flocks. Can you imagine seeing budgies in the wild in a flock? So cool! 

They should have plenty of ways to feel like they're swinging in the trees.

1. Bird Parrot Toys Hanging Bell Pet Bird Cage Hammock Swing Toy Hanging Toy

Pet budgies love to mimic wild budgies! So you must give your new talking bird friend some new activities. Available for $13.99.

2. Fitfulvan, Bird Swing Wooden Bridge Ladder Climb Cockatiel Parakeet Budgie Parrot Toys

These popular pet birds clearly need a ladder to climb as branches would be part of their natural environment. You'll be telling your budgie what a good bird he is while they enjoy getting to the other side of the cage. The large is available for $7.17. 

Budgies can live between 7 to 15 years! Most budgies are ground-feeders that eat primarily seeds and plant material (just like my chickens which is really amazing). Look for foods that incorporate seeds with healthy pellets, fruits, and vegetables, as well as Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and chelated minerals. We have some suggestions below. Don't only feed seeds!

3. Dr. Harvey's Our Best Parakeet Blend, All Natural Daily Food for Parakeets (2 pounds)

Avoid health problems by feeding what your veterinarian recommends. The goal is to make sure their lifespan is at least 15 years long. Mineral blocks are also great too, ask the pet store staff about these.

This has seed, macadamia nuts, brazil nuts, pine nuts, pistachios, banana, orange peel, soybeans, broccoli, zucchini, green beans, green & red bell peppers, spinach, celery, and parsley. Available for $14.95.

Because budgies are a flocking species they do enjoy the company of others. Sometimes this can be a bird, human or even their own reflection in a mirror. This is the number one enrichment suggestion by experts. 

4. Old Tjikko Bird Swing, Parrot Cage Toys, Swing Hanging Play with Mirror 

Without the ability to fly in large flocks, a mirror is a great enrichment tool for this small bird. You've likely seen this in pet shops in the pet bird section. Individual birds will love these in their cage. Available for $12.99. 

5. Yosoo Pet Hanging Ladder Wooden Suspension Bridge Steps Stairs Climbing Swing Double-Layer Toys for Bird Parakeet 

This is made out of wood which includes bells, and acrylic rings so your feathered friend will have hours of fun. Generally, birds of the parrot species will love swinging as an exercise option. Any bird in a cage needs items to prevent boredom. Available for $9.99. 

6. Train Your Parrot to Talk..: Basic Training For Your Pet Bird or Parrot

Try downloading Train Your Parrot to Talk to get your budgie speaking on cue. Budgies can amass large vocabularies. A budgie's voice sounds like a sped-up recording!

Budgies love to mimic human speech! GoodBird Inc. tells us,

"A very chatty budgie is said to hold the record for knowing the most words. You can see an adorable budgie quoting Shakespeare in the documentary "Parrots -Look Who's Talking." An interesting thing about the budgie voice is that it often has a whispery quality to it."

The price of this resource (Kindle) is only $2.99.

Reward the training with grass seeds of course! Do your research before bringing this bird home too. The English budgie is also popular and is almost twice the size.

Do you have a budgie? Show us in the comments below!

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