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Ever Wonder What The Inside Of A Bear's Mouth Looks Like? Bear Tries To Eat GoPro

Have you ever wondered what the actual inside of a bear's mouth looks like? Probably not, but it's still fascinating to ponder. Many who got up close and personal probably wished that they didn't. Take this veteran who was mauled on his honeymoon no less. It's very likely if you got close enough to see the inside of a bear's mouth, then you were probably worried about other things.

So consider this a rare opportunity to finally answer something you probably never actually wondered about. This brown bear tried to chomp down on a GoPro camera. It also gave us access to a view like no other. The bear tried to eat the camera but failed to do so. The owner of the camera revealed they lost their camera in the snow for about four months.

When they finally found the camera, they were shocked by the footage on the device. Meanwhile, I'm just surprised that the GoPro was still operational after all that biting. I'm not the only one surprised by the video either. Several people commented their owns shock at the animal as well.

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Bear Chews Camera

Several suggested that GoPro factor the video into their marketing. One person keenly wrote, "Go pro should buy the rights of this from you & go live with a commercial... now THATS a good camera." Another person also agreed, writing, "Survived being scratched and chewed on by a BEAR. Best durability commercial ever."

However, others were more impressed with the unique vantage point. One wrote, "I just showed my toddler. He loved seeing the inside of the mouth." Another commented, "Best/safest view of the inside of a bear's mouth.... Yikes!"

To put this in perspective, the animals have a very powerful bite. The polar bear has the strongest bite of the bunch, but we'll focus in on brown bears. A grizzly bear has a bite force of 1160 PSI. That's one heck of a bite that you don't want to be on the other end of. Meanwhile, typical brown bears also have an impressive bite force of 975 PSI. On the lower end, not by much, black bears have a bite force of 970 PSI.

All that to say I'm not exactly sure how the camera held up. But it's impressive nonetheless.