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Ever Field Dress a Grouse Like This?

field dress a grouse

Here’s a method of field dressing grouse you probably haven’t seen before!

First of all, this video will be a hit with our French-speaking friends around the world. If you don’t understand the language, you’ll still certainly understand the effective way the host, Chanel Houle, has learned to field dress a grouse in one fell swoop.

Have you ever use this method before?

HAhahah ! C’est mieux quand elles sont chaudes…

Posted by Chanel Houle on Sunday, October 29, 2017

C’est Bon! If you’ve ever tried this before, you’ll know it doesn’t work very well if the bird’s cold. It’s good to do almost immediately after you harvest the grouse, partridge, quail or other similar game bird.

While it doesn’t work well for larger birds, if done correctly, all you’ll be left with is a breasted-out bird and the entrails.

Who else has tried this method for field dressing a grouse?


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Ever Field Dress a Grouse Like This?