Eva Shockey

Eva Shockey: Trailblazing Woman of the Wilderness

Eva Shockey's legacy as a Woman of the Wilderness is all about inspiration.

For those familiar with Eva Shockey and the work she's done, it's no stretch of the imagination to believe she's already staked a claim as her generation's greatest female outdoor influencer.

From her beginnings living on Vancouver Island with her father Jim, a pillar of the outdoor industry, to her first experiences hunting on the elder Shockey's TV show "Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures," she welcomed the attraction of the wilderness, of harvesting her own game meat, and of participating in the hunting heritage that have been so important to so many across the world.

Eva Shockey deserves credit for not only encouraging and motivating people to get outside, but also for proving how enjoyable it is when you include your whole family in an active, healthy lifestyle. Being an outdoorsman or outdoorswoman has never been so meaningful, as our natural world faces a multitude of issues and potential threats that are jeopardizing our opportunities to participate in the activities we love.

Eva has always been a strong proponent of public land access, as well as the right to hunt and fish in an era that's showing more and more signs of moving far away from that type of lifestyle. It's been Eva's goal to help preserve the opportunities we all cherish, so that the next generation can see the same advantages.

Over time, Eva has grown her family, marrying former professional hockey player Tim Brent and welcoming two children, Leni Bow and Boone, to a newly established home of North Carolina. She's written a book, "Taking Aim," and launched a Facebook Watch series "My Outdoor Family" that highlighted her likable, engaging personality and home life.

As she continues being such an important part of the outdoor industry, it's amazing to see her influence on those who consider themselves outside that community as well. People, especially women, who are introduced to the idea of hunting, fishing, preparing wild game, and leading an outdoor-oriented lifestyle are the real beneficiaries of Eva's overall impact.

She's keeping busy, wearing the hats of collaborator, blogger, social media influencer, mother, wife, and outdoor enthusiast. Though she's already done so much to push the industry in the right direction, it's only a matter of time before she makes her next move.

Eva Shockey represents the pinnacle of what it means to be a Woman of the Wilderness. We honor her for her contributions, past, present, and future.