eva shockey

Eva Shockey: Stream to Table Fresh Catch

In this exclusive how-to video, we learn about an easy way to grill any kind of fish.

When it comes to going afield to procure meat for the family, Eva Shockey's knowledge is among the most credible. She's been eating delicious wild game recipes for the majority of her life, thanks largely to her father, Jim.

So, although it probably goes without saying, any recipe she's willing to offer us is worth trying, especially one she says "could be the easiest recipe that's ever existed."

The only three ingredients she uses are the fish itself, seasoning and lemons.

While she's using sea bass in this particular video, you could really use any kind of fish. She's then using Traeger's Fin & Feather rub spice, which you could similarly substitute for whatever seasoning you prefer.

As she mentions, perhaps the easiest way to cook fish on the grill is with butcher paper to prevent sticking, but you can always throw your filets right on the grill if that's what you're used to.

The grilled lemons add a nice touch for presentation, but tend to make the lemons a tad juicer, too.

No matter what kind of fish you want to cook, whether it's sea bass, or something as common as salmon, halibut or trout, this recipe won't let you down.

Seasoning variations could include basic salt and pepper, Cajun or Old Bay, or you could always step even farther outside of the box, too!