Erin Crider
Erin Crider/Uncharted Outdoorswomen

Erin Crider and the Uncharted Outdoorswomen: Creating Space for Women in the Outdoors

Connecting like-minded women, helping build skills for outdoor recreation and survival, improving mental health, and promoting long-term ecological sustainability and conservation awareness are the main goals of Uncharted Outdoorswomen (UOW), which was envisioned and founded by Erin Crider in 2021.

Erin calls Black Hawk, Colorado home, and finds nature a safe-haven for improved mental health and solitude. She's a young woman with an old soul who can be found either camping out or fly fishing, hunting, or lounging on her deck in the foothills with her fur babies and supportive husband of 15 years.

During her partnership at Colorado Women on the Fly, Erin saw the immense need to birth an inclusive and inviting community of women teaching women in the outdoors. She enjoys seeing women learn from women, grow and become better at new skills, and be outside doing something different.

Erin dreamt of establishing a safe and non-judgmental space for women from all walks of life to recreate, learn and build confidence in outdoor skills, and become fluent in ethical habitat use. Thanks to her dedication, hard work, and perseverance, UOW has already served over 150 women in such a short time, helping them establish strong generational knowledge and a respect for the outdoors.

Her mission, vision, and goals align with educating and providing opportunities for women that were not previously accessible to women, which they can teach to their children to continue a tradition.

The Uncharted Outdoorswomen Vision

"When the little voices in your head just say stop, just go do what you are supposed to do," Erin said, reflecting on her attitude and vision for UOW.  

Licensed, bonded and insured, her team of guides at the UOW are fellow females who expertly lead groups in fly and ice fishing, hunting (big game, water fowl, goose, and more), horseback riding, plant identification and foraging, archery, and various other outdoor activities. They also host various clinics for introductory and beginner level activities such as fly-tying, shooting, duck calling, and ice fishing, a sort of 101 crash course led by and attended by women.

Shotgun Clinic, Fall 2021, Kiowa Creek, CO

Erin's journey in the outdoors began when her grandmother first took her fishing for catfish, crappie, bluegill, and bass. That set the hook (pun intended), and now she continues to spread the love of fishing and the outdoors to other women. From along the Rockies of Colorado and Utah, she has her eye set on expanding UOW's reach down to Texas and up to Montana in the next three years.

When asked about challenges and obstacles she has faced in getting through red-tape, she boldly said, "Don't tell me no, that never works out for the other person." 

Erin Crider's Outdoor Ethos

Water Fowl Hunt, Spring, 2022

As visionary and founder of UOW, Erin believes deeply in the powerful exchange brought about in a mentoring relationship. She wants to bring knowledge and support to others and help them enjoy the outdoors. She herself has learned from both male and female mentors, and continues to provide mentorship to others as well.

She is a strong advocate of the Farm to Table ideology through ethically-hunted animal food sources, and makes efforts to use all parts of an animal she hunts. It's not uncommon to see duck and turkey feathers she harvested during hunting season used at a fly-tying event she's orchestrating. Her passion for long-term sustainable hunting is evident in her work and the organizations she collaborates with.

But most importantly, it's UOW that is representative of all the effort Erin has made, and the goals she's worked to accomplish. Check out their website to join in on the fun at