Eric Clapton fishing
Private Collection/Iceland Monitor

Eric Clapton Lands Another Monster Icelandic Salmon

Eric Clapton handles a fly rod as proficiently as he strums a guitar.

Eric Clapton has been making a pilgrimage to the scenic splendor of Vatnsdalsá, Iceland, each summer for the last nine years. Although the beauty of the land is a definite magnet, it's the hard-fighting salmon that lure the 72-year-old British rocker.

Clapton waded the wondrous and famous waters of Vatnsdalsá River August 4, casting an 'Evening Dress' fly - which is a combination of green, gold, and black hues. And with guide Sturla Birgisson at his side, Clapton hooked into one of the largest salmon of the summer so far: a 41-inch fish that weighed a massive 25 pounds.

According to the Iceland Monitor, the male salmon was caught in a part of the river called Hnausastrengur, a spot that holds some of the rivers largest fish. Clapton's trophy took 40 minutes to land.

A fish that would make 'Layla' jealous:

eric clapton fishing

You may remember the story we brought you this time last year, highlighting the 28-pound record-setting salmon Clapton caught in the same river. To read that story, CLICK HERE.

The Vatnsdalsá River has a strict catch and release policy, so all fish live to fight another day after being carefully weighed and measured.

A tip of the fishing cap to you, Eric. You definitely rock.

Photos Courtesy of Private Collection/Iceland Monitor

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