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Enormous Near-Record Tarpon Caught in Florida

record tarpon

It doesn't matter if this near-record tarpon missed the mark; it's still a huge fish. 

The Peace river is one of the more famous rivers that flows through Florida. A variety of fish call this river home, and most of those fish are heavily sought after by fishermen everywhere. It just so happened that three buddies hooked into one of the more prized Florida gamefish from the Peace river, and it's really making the news. You see, they tangled with a 200-pound near-state-record tarpon.

Here's a condensed video of the estimated 150 to 200-pound tarpon caught by Barry Baroudi of Tarpon World. He couldn't have done it without the help from his two buddies, Jason Silvestre and Jerry Hernandez.

As you just saw, that was one incredible fight, not to mention an unbelievable fish. Just for reference, the current Florida record tarpon stands at 234 pounds. Baroudi is an accomplished tarpon fisherman. If he is saying the huge tarpon in that video is 150 pounds, then it's at least 150 pounds, if not more.

What do you think? How big was that near-record tarpon, really? Regardless, who really cares? A fish that big is one people chase their whole lives and never catch.

Congratulations are in order!

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Enormous Near-Record Tarpon Caught in Florida