10 Endangered Birds That Need Our Help to Survive

There are roughly 18,000 bird species who inhabit this earth, with many of those species of birds listed as endangered species. Meet the top 10 in need of help.

Birds are one of life's most beautiful creatures. From the small woodpecker to the giant whooping crane, the 18,000 species of birds in the world provide a range of majestic, colorful, and intriguing avian animals. Unfortunately, about 12 percent of bird species are considered critically endangered, especially in recent years.

This wild population of bird species landed themselves under the Endangered Species Act due to reasons such as habitat loss, like deforestation and habitat destruction, climate change, and pollution, among others. Sadly, these endangered birds are on the brink of extinction; Here are just 10 of the most endangered birds you've got to know about.

1. California Condor

The California Condor is the largest terrestrial bird in North America, with a wingspan of about nine feet. This large bird is severely at the risk of extinction due to habitat destruction and poaching — and actually went extinct in the wild in 1987. Today, after careful reintroduction, there are roughly 337 of these birds remaining in the wild.

2. Northern Bald Ibis

Also known as the Waldrapp, the Northern Bald Ibis is quite a funny-looking bird. This endangered bird was once commonly seen in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, with less than 500 left in the wild today.

3. Kakapo

The Kakapo, a.k.a. the Owl Parrot, is a critically endangered bird endemic to New Zealand. This adorable bird is flightless and nocturnal; there are only about 142 Kakapos left in the wild currently.

4. Blue-Throated Macaw

Perhaps the most unexpected on this list, the gorgeous and vibrant Blue-Throated Macaw is a threatened bird from Bolivia, and deforestation still poses as a threat for the remaining 120 birds in the wild.

5. Philippine Eagle


Also known as the "Monkey-Eating Eagle" (cruel name, we know!), the Philippine Eagle is the largest eagle species alive today. They can grow up to a whopping one meter long, making Philippines' national bird difficult for conservation — deforestation is the main cause for the 180 to 500 birds still standing today.

6. Great Curassow

The Great Curassow is a large bird that's known for their interesting whistle-call. They are indigenous to rainforests in Mexico, Columbia, and Ecuador, and are threatened by deforestation.

7. Forest Owlet

The Forest Owlet is an endangered bird endemic to Central India and is at the risk of extinction due to deforestation in the area. There is now a population of less than 1000 Forest Owlets, with a rough estimate by researchers of 70 to 400 left to be exact.

8. Whooping Crane

Identified as the tallest birds in North America, the Whooping Crane is an impressive endangered bird that's one of the only two crane species in North America. Sadly, they experienced a large decline in numbers because of overhunting and habitat loss - with today's population up to 826, and 667 of these are in the wild.

9. Golden-Cheeked Warbler

The cute and pretty Golden-Cheeked Warbler is also known as the Gold Finch of Texas and is an endangered species that breeds in the woodlands of Central Texas. These birds are critically endangered by habitat loss because of construction, agriculture, and reservoir development in the area.

10. Puerto Rican Nightjar

The Puerto Rican Nightjar, like its namesake, is an adorable bird found in southwestern Puerto Rico. The tiny bird stands at only eight inches, and easily blends in their environment. Sadly, these cute little birds are in danger of extinction due to habitat loss; there are only several hundred mating pairs left today.

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