emergency descender

'Emergency Descender' Will Safely Lower Treestand Hunters to the Ground

When hunting from a treestand, safety is everything.

Treestands have come a long way throughout the years. However, accidents still happen all the time. No matter how you cut it, hunting from a tree is more dangerous than hunting from the ground.

For that reason, Primal Treestands didn't want to leave hunters' safety up to only a treestand safety harness. That's where the Primal Treestands Emergency Descender comes in.

If you're hunting in a treestand with a safety harness and you fall, you're going to have leg straps cutting off circulation in just a matter of minutes. Technically, a blockage in blood flow can kill you, depending on how you're positioned. So, getting down from a hanging position can be imperative in a treestand accident.

However, sometimes it's especially hard to get down. Maybe you severely injured yourself, impairing your ability to maneuver the harness. Perhaps you're alone, and you have no way to call for help.

Well, that's more or less the idea behind the Emergency Descender. It aims to offer hunters an easy way to get down from the tree after the harness has done its part in protecting them.

In fact, after falling and catching your harness, the Emergency Descender will automatically start lowering you, requiring no extra finagling once you're suspended in the air.

Suited for bowhunters and modern rifle hunters between 120 and 300 pounds, this little gadget will fit even in your pocket.

Tech Specs

emergency descender

  • Immediately lowers you down easily in case of a fall
  • Automatic, friction-based and controlled-rate decent
  • Up to 25-feet high
  • 120- to 300-pound weight capacity
  • One-time use only
  • Harness must meet ASTM standards for full-body harness
  • MSRP: $50

To learn more about this hunter safety system, be sure to check out primaltreestands.com.