Elk Fight Bowhunters
YouTube: Cowboy State Daily

Bowhunters Nearly Get Trampled During Close, Knock-Down Elk Fight

When the elk rut is on, there's nothing quite as thrilling as hearing an early morning bugle erupt from the spot you're about to start hunting on. It's also the time of year when larger bulls will start banging heads in a fight for dominance and for control of their harem of cows. While plenty of people have witnessed an elk fight, few get to see one as close as Seth Lee and his hunting buddy witnessed recently in Wyoming. Seth got out his camera to capture the scene as the two bulls have a knock-down, drag out fight right in front of them.

The two bulls push and prod, knocking each other to the ground and at one point even stomping over a small pine tree without seeming to notice it. This is one of the more incredible elk fights we've ever seen captured on video. WARNING: Some strong language is heard in the video, so be advised.

According to Cowboy State Daily, Lee said the elk fought for 20 to 25 minutes before some smaller bulls arrived on the scene and distracted the pair. Lee and his hunting buddy originally happened upon them after following the sounds of the bugling. Ironically enough, the cows that the bulls were fighting over got scared and scattered as soon as the battle started. These two were obviously seeing red and were completely oblivious to almost everything going on around them.

"I've never seen anything like those two bulls fighting," Lee told the news site. "They just wanted to kill each other."

Unfortunately for Lee, his bow had broken, and he was using a borrowed replacement on this hunt. He found out too late that the arrows he had wouldn't work with the borrowed equipment, so the hunters could do nothing but sit and watch this scene unfold.

"The fight was essentially a stalemate," Lee told the news site. "Those bulls were evenly matched."

Successful harvest or not, the video makes for quite the hunting memory, one we're sure these guys won't soon forget!

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