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Elk Come Within Licking Distance of Bowhunter

elk getting close
Facebook: Chris Burandt

Can you imagine having to sit still with elk this close to you?

When it comes to bowhunting, getting close is the name of the game. However, every experienced hunter knows there's a fine between close and too close.

This hunter learned that all too well when he found himself in the middle of an elk herd that came close enough to lick him. In fact, one of them even sniffed around at his pack that was sitting right next to him!

The most glaring question here is how did these elk not smell him?

Watch the video below:

Probably one of the coolest things I've ever experienced!! Me and my long time hunting buddy Hill Guides & Outfitters sat here for 15 minutes watching this group of elk do what they do. Watching the bull hearding his cows this close was incredible. I'd say the new #subalpine Sitka Gear is the real deal!!! Who knew elk liked Kifaru, International backpacks too 😂😂 #livingelkcountry #sickforit Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Posted by Chris Burandt on Sunday, September 17, 2017

It's hard to tell for sure what the subtle sound was at the end that spooked the herd, but it sounded like the man behind the camera might've nervously laughed.

How could you blame him, though? Usually when you're hunting any kind of cervid, you're doing everything you can to mask your scent. Hunters will go above and beyond to avoid finding themselves upwind from an animal.

They're constantly busted by the keen sense of smell these animals boast, and yet, the one elk is seemingly curious about his scent.

How would you not let out a nervous laugh in such an unusual predicament?

But, the guy behind the bow certainly deserves credit for never breaking a sweat while his quarry continued to move in on him.

Not only is this an unbelievable spectacle, but also a reminder of how well patience can reward us.



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Elk Come Within Licking Distance of Bowhunter