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What is the Effective Range Limit of a Shotgun?

What's the range limit of a shotgun?

Most know that when it's fired, a shotgun's ammunition spreads on its way to a target. The guy in this video wants to know exactly how far.

If you've ever pondered the range limit of a shotgun but didn't know how to test it, all you have to do it watch this video.

As you noticed, this guy is using a choke on the shotgun, which funnels the ammo through a smaller hole. At five feet the shotgun ammo spread only an inch or so, at 10 feet they were a few inches apart, at 20 feet they were almost foot apart, 30 and 40 feet were about the same but with less concentration in the middle.

With the less-restrictive choke the results were much more spread out. At 10 feet it was already had a few inches spread. By the time the ammo got to the 30 and 40 foot sheets, they were literally off the charts.

This goes to show that shotguns can be very effective at longer ranges, if you're using a choke that is.



What is the Effective Range Limit of a Shotgun?