Pink Fireweed Mountain Landscape - Scenic nature views with alpine lake and mountains and vibrant colorful wildflowers.
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10 Edible and Medicinal Plants in the Colorado Rockies You Can Forage

Add a little apothecary hunt to your hike.

For basically all of time until recently, people all over the world have been using plants to treat a variety of ailments like fever, parasites, pain, and so many more. The methods and materials of apothecaries were well-known centuries ago but have fallen into obscurity today. This list and info shares some of the more common wild plants used for medicine, food, and practical purposes found in the Rocky Mountain region of Colorado.

Keep in mind, to effectively use wild plants, one must learn basic plant identification skills (especially for poisonous plants), as well as ethical and proper collection and preparation methods.

But these resources can help you discover new ways to bring wild plants into your life for bountiful health.

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