Ecovet Fly Repellent: The Solution to Your Horse's Fly Problem

Ecovet Fly Repellent isn't like your typical fly spray in a number of ways. Not only is this product unique, but it really works. 

I know it may not feel like it, but summer - known to us horse people as fly season - will be here before you know it. Soon it will be time to load your horse up with fly sheets, fly masks, and bottles upon bottles of fly spray. But if you're tired of using fly sprays and other fly control options that seem ineffective at best, there's one product you need to try: Ecovet Fly Repellent.

Ecovet Fly Repellent isn't your typical fly spray. It contains food-grade fatty acids and silicone oils. According to Ecovet, the spray creates a zone of repellency that keeps flies from landing on your horse. The active ingredients work to confuse flies' normal directional ability so that they can't target your horse, and eventually fly away. It works as a long-lasting protection from flies, ticks, and lice, while still harmless to honey bees!

The below video helps to explain how Ecovet fly spray works.

But does it really work? As a horse owner who has used Ecovet Fly Repellent on my horses for about three years now, I can say that it does. There's a noticeable difference between Ecovet and other fly sprays - when I use Ecovet, my horses are quieter, there's less stomping, and flies seem to be less of a problem. It's my go-to spray for those hot summer days when the flies are swarming, or when I want to enjoy a trail ride that isn't punctuated by constant head tossing and stomping.

Now, that's not to say the product is without its downsides. Their proprietary mixture has a very strong smell, and I've found it makes me and one of my horses cough. You only want to apply it in an area that's well-ventilated and a little bit goes a long way. I discovered that spraying the repellent onto a cloth and rubbing it onto the horse seems to keep the odors down, but definitely make sure you're upwind of it when you spray.

It's also a bit pricey, coming in on the more expensive side at $24 for an 18-oz bottle. However, seeing that it works so well, I'm willing to splurge a bit if it means that both my horses and I will be more comfortable and better able to enjoy our rides.

The EPA registered spray is also better for horses with sensitive skin and allergies. It is known to help horses suffering from sweet itch problems. The mixture is free of essential oils, pyrethrins, and certain fatty acids which actually act as an insect attractant. Ecovet Fly Repellant is free from any toxic chemicals and is a real alternative to traditional fly products. 

Want to learn more about Ecovet? Check out the website for more product information and check out purchase options and more customer reviews on Amazon.

Have you ever tried Ecovet Fly Repellent before? What did you think? What do you use around the barn for pest control? Tell us in the comments below. 

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