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Easton Factory Tour Gives Inside Look at How Arrows Are Made

This tour of the Easton factory gives an inside look at the making of arrows.

Every bowhunter and archery enthusiast knows a good arrow makes all the difference in the world when it comes to performance at the range or in the field. Quality equipment can sometimes be the deciding factor between a full freezer and an empty one.

One thing that probably is not on the minds of many archers is exactly HOW those arrows are made. Sure, we all know about the different types of materials used by the different manufacturers, and how these arrows fly depending on what they are made from. But have you ever stopped to think about how these things are built in the factory?

If you ever have, wonder no more. Because Easton Archery is now giving an inside look at their Salt Lake City, Utah headquarters. They take cameras onto the factory floor to show how their arrows are built and finely tuned for field and competition before they ever hit store shelves. The video below gives a quick inside look at this process.

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There was more to producing the different models of popular Easton arrows than we thought. The actual process of creating the shaft itself appears to be the easy part. It is the fine-tuning, strengthening, straightening, and adding of a finish that seem to be the bulk of the process. Even more so for arrow shafts that are being given fletching in the factory. From a flat piece of aluminum to the finished product, more people are working on your favorite arrows than you realize. Even the application of graphics and logos is more time-consuming than we expected.

Easton arrows are known for being a little pricy, but after watching this video, it is a little more obvious why that is. So much of the process is hands-on with workers right here in the states. When Easton talks about being made in the U.S.A., it seems they mean it!

This also just makes us appreciate better the amount of hard work that goes into making quality archery gear. Your success in the field does not happen without a lot of behind-the-scenes work to produce that equipment!

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