Earn Your Wings With This Waterfowl Hunting Gear

Here's your rundown of the waterfowl gear you need to have to make this season a great one.

There's plenty of reason to be out in the woods and marshes during this portion of year, but for waterfowl hunters, it's prime time.

We're reminded of that fact by Sportsman's Guide and their impressive selection of waterfowl hunting gear. We picked out a few essentials, and it's up to you to do the rest.

Remington Versa Max Waterfowl Pro

Starting with a good shotgun is a pretty smart place to begin. The Remington Versa Max has been a perennial favorite since its release, and a semi-auto 12-gauge like this is perfect. The Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades camo pattern provides great concealment. The Teflon plated internal components will help it stand up to heavy use over many years.

Mossberg Flex 500 Hunting Waterfowl Pump Action

If you're interested in something a little easier on the wallet, the Mossberg Flex 500 is well worth it. The synthetic stock has a Realtree Max-4 pattern, and it can hold six shells in the magazine, with one in the chamber.

Avian-X AXP Full Body Mallard Decoys

Who calls themselves a waterfowl hunter without decoys? Seeing as how the technology that's used to create these things moves so fast, you're left behind if you don't have something as realistic as these Avian-X AXP Full Body Mallard Decoys. A six-pack of these are well worth the investment.

Avian-X Painted Honker Canada Goose Decoy Combo

If you're trying for Canada geese, you can't go wrong with a setup like the Avian-X Painted Honker Canada Goose Decoy Combo.

Guide Gear Waterfowl Jacket

You know you'll need good, camo-dependent clothing to make the most of your time hunting ducks and other waterfowl, so go with something like the Guide Gear Waterfowl Jacket and stay warm, hidden, and comfortable.

Guide Dry Waterfowl Hunt Bibs

These Guide Dry Waterfowl Hunt Bibs combine with the jacket above to create a great combo. You'll be well-protected in the 150 gram Thinsulate Insulation, and have them for a long time; not only is the outer-most tricot shell quiet, but it's super durable, too.

Ducks Unlimited Deluxe Dog Vest

We'd be remiss if we didn't include something for the waterfowl hunter's best friend. A good retriever would look great and stay warm in this Ducks Unlimited Deluxe Dog Vest, featuring Mossy Oak's Bottomland or Blades pattern.

Now it's time to gear up, check the migration reports, and head out to those spots you know will have birds. If you're well-supplied with the sort of things this list consists of, you'll be setting yourself up for success.