Velvet Buck
YouTube: Shed Crazy

Early Season Kentucky Bowhunt Results in Great Velvet Buck

This early season hunt looks disastrous at the shot. But it has a happy ending.

Hunting season may be young, but we are already seeing tons of success stories with big bucks happening across the country from early season youth and bowhunters. Many states are starting to open earlier and earlier in order to give hunters a shot at harvesting a velvet antlered whitetail.

Kentucky is among the states that gives hunters just that sort of chance. Today's video comes to us from one of our favorite YouTube shed hunters, Ben of Shed Crazy. He's in the Bluegrass state hoping for one specific buck that makes regular appearances on trail camera.

To his surprise, the buck he's looking for steps out into his shooting lane on the very first day. However, things nearly turn disastrous as you'll see from the shot.

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Before you judge Ben too harshly on his shot placement here, we felt his explanation was a good one. He fully admitted that buck fever got the best of him and he ended up rushing this shot. Who among us has not done that at one time or another? Any hunter who says they never have is lying.

In this case, he was fortunate that the shot was at just the right angle to slip up into the body cavity and hit some vitals. We would not be surprised if he caught a major artery in the leg. The massive blood loss made that buck woozy and that is probably why he didn't wander very far.

This may not have been an ideal shot, but it was the best possible outcome and that's all any hunter can ask for. He noted in the comments that he is using this as a learning experience to practice a little more patience next time. He took a great buck that any hunter would be happy to harvest. Congrats on the great early season buck Ben!

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