Dutch Warmblood Horses Are Always in Tune with Their Rider

The Dutch Warmblood Horse is a sport horse that features a well-shaped head with a straight profile. This horse has a strong, arched, and fairly long neck and the tail is set high as well. They are beautiful! We have a few of these horses in the neighborhood that are considered working horses. Honestly, they seem really easy-going. 

Experts at Horse Breed Info. provide details about the Dutch Warmblood's wonderful qualities. They're known for being strong and considerably athletic. 

  • They are described as sound horses with a willingness that eases all fears of training and becoming ready for competitions.
  • They can be found in The Netherlands, Amsterdam, Brussels, all over Germany, and many towns within Belgium.
  • These horses are unique in that they can tread through water, muddy conditions, and rocks with very little effort. 

What is a Dutch Warmblood horse?

They are known to be an incredible horse for competition.

The Dutch Warmblood horse breed originates from The Netherlands. Horse Breeds Info. categorize this breed as a working and sport horse breed that is easily trained. 

"They were developed from the Gelderlander and the Groningen breeds sometime in the middle of the nineteen hundreds when they were selected very carefully by those that took this breed of a horse to heart, as the breeders of the Dutch Warmblood styles are considered one of the finest to come from The Netherlands."

The Dutch created a horse with both speed and endurance.

What about their temperament?

This horse is known for being super laidback and extremely loyal to their family. After researching this breed, they sound so charming I'm tempted to go find one to adopt for our pasture.

Pet Guide tells us this breed is willing to work hard.

"They can work in a variety of environments while remaining harmonious with their rider because they are in tune with the needs of their rider. These personality traits make the Dutch Warmblood Horse a wonderful equine companion to trainers, owners, and riders of all levels."

What about colors?

The Dutch Warmblood features colors that include brown, black, chestnut, gray, and bay. All solid colors are found in this breed.

How do you care for a Dutch Warmblood Horse?

This breed really adapts well whether you need a working horse or you're looking for a horse for riding.

Dutch Warmblood mares must stand at least 62 inches, and stallions must stand 63 inches. They generally weigh an average of 1,430 pounds and their life expectancy is about 20 years. 

Caring for this horse breed isn't too high maintenance. They're gentle and calm. They also can survive in any climate. This horse breed sounds relatively easy!

What a wonderful versatile horse breed that is bred to be a riding horse, harness horse, show jumping horse, dressage, and competition horse.

This warmblood breed has a fascinating history as well.

  • Prior to World War II in the Netherlands, the Groningen Horse was used for agricultural work, while the Gelderlander Horse was used for drawing carriages.
  • By the middle of the 20th century, the popularity of both breeds declined with the introduction of cars, agricultural machinery, and tractors. Breeders started a few specialized breeding programs and carefully selected horses for it!

There is another fun fact that is a mouthful so we left it for the end. Two registries, the Gelderlander Horse Studbook, and the NWP, were combined in 1969 in order to create the Warmblood Paardenstamboak Nederland or WPN. It was renamed Koninklijk Warmblood Paardenstamboek Nederland (KWPN) in 1988. So you may also see the Dutch Warmblood called or referred to as the KWPN.

"The Spruce Pets explains that the Dutch Warmblood is registered with the Koninklijk Warmbloed Paardenstamboek Nederland (KWPN)—the Royal Warmblood Studbook of the Netherlands, which governs the breeding of competitive dressage and show jumping horses, the show harness horse and Gelderlander, and a hunter studbook in North America."

It's no wonder these Dutch horses or Dutch breeds are good at just about anything and can be a wonderful jumper, carriage horse or even a draft horse. There are various horse breeding directions and breeding goals.

White markings are common too so if you see these don't dismiss the horse as a different breed.

 They are said to rank first in Olympic sports too like dressage! They clearly compete at the highest level.

A comparable breed would be a thoroughbred horse. If you're an equestrian looking for a Dutch warmblood stallion you should check with reputable breeders.

What do you think about this horse? Share your thoughts below.

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