The "Duck Truck" is the World's Most Awesome Hunting Vehicle

Marc Dillard of Farmington, Arkansas takes viewers for a ride in his "Duck Truck," a luxurious off-road ready blind on wheels.

Arkansas is world renowned for it's duck hunting opportunities, and Marc Dillard of Farmington likes to ride with his friends to his hunting spot in style.

Hunting for Life shared this video of Dillard's massive "Duck Truck," which resembles a hybrid of military personnel mover and duck hunter limousine that can traverse the muddiest of swampy terrain.

The surrounding deck allows hunters to toss out dozens of decoys in under a minute, and a retractable skirted blind built to hide the vehicle's undercarriage gets them prepared for flybys in no time.

As passengers sip their morning coffee and duck dog "Macy" load up for the hunt in a portable blind that is the perfect blend of luxury and redneck ingenuity. Why walk to the blind when you can drive it to where you are hunting? Who says you have to rough it to be a successful duck hunter? Hopefully there's a heater on board!