Duck Hunting 101: Shooting Tips From the Duckmen Themselves

Need some shooting tips for waterfowl hunting? The Duckmen are at your service.

Sometimes, it's the basics that we need to brush up on.

Shooting tips for waterfowl have been rattled off a million times by a million different hunters, but if you really want to hear from the experienced, who better than the men from Duck Commander?

Imagine a Master Class from a group of duck hunting gurus with a couple lifetime's worth of early mornings, decoy spreads, and fallen birds.

Here's the advice, from guys who would know.

These nuggets of wisdom regarding things like timing, choke choice, and setup strategy will go a long way in enhancing your overall duck hunting knowledge.

It's not all about getting to the duck blind early, throwing some camo paint on your face, and blowing a duck call until you're out of breath. The fellas from West Monroe, Louisiana can vouch for that.

Even though the 'Duck Dynasty' TV show phenomenon has slowed, there's still every reason to soak up all the duck hunting tips we can from guys like Phil Robertson, Jase Robertson, and of course Uncle Si.

Don't forget that you can always go to the Duck Commander company website for everything from memorable hunting videos to signature duck calls like the new Jase Robertson Pro Series. Just go to