Gear Review: DSG Kylie 4.0 Drop Seat Bib and Hunting Jacket

Late season whitetail deer hunting in upstate New York is usually bitterly cold. The temperatures have dropped to well below the freezing point and the snow has started to accumulate. Hunters play the game of resolution to test their limits, enduring the frigid discomfort for as long as possible before giving up the hunt and turning inside for comfort. But DSG Outerwear, which is making hunting gear for women, is a game changer. It is fitted for women's bodies, as functional as any man's hunting line, and the biggest thing (at least for me) is it warm!

I have tried out many different hunting jackets and bib combinations, but the Kylie 4.0 Drop Seat Bib/Pant and Kylie 4.0 3-in-1 Hunting Jacket combo has far exceeded the performance of any prior options.

Kylie 4.0 Drop Seat Bib/Pant Specs

DSG Outerwear

Beyond the decorative lining and DSG logo embroidery, the Kylie 4.0 Drop Seat Bibs feature adjustable waist tabs and suspenders and a large center front zipper with wind-flap with hidden snaps for secure closure. The bibs have large hand warmer pockets and thigh cargo pockets have hidden snap closure flaps. There's also a side entry pocket. You can remove the bib portion and these can serve as hunting pants. An adjustable snap inseam ranges from 28.5" to 32.5" and the drop seat is great for when you're out in nature and, well, nature calls.

The jacket has an adjustable and removable hood plus an interior wrist gaiter with thumb hole so your hands can stay as warm and secure as possible. A wearable knitted fleece liner makes it extremely comfortable, and the 100% fully taped seams ensure weatherproofness. Despite a thin profile, the jacket has 120 gram insulation.

The jacket and bib are made to be quiet, windproof, and waterproof. Both are available in five color options: Realtree Edge®, Realtree Excape™, Realtree Max-5®, Blaze Pink, or Blaze Orange. The Kylie 4.0 Drop Seat Bib/Pant and Kylie 4.0 3-in-1 Hunting Jacket retail for $199 each. DSG offers free shipping on all US orders $99 or more and Canadian orders $199 or more.

Function and Fit

DSG Outerwear

DSG came about from founder/designer Wendy Gavinski's own struggles to find quality women's outerwear. She had grown increasingly frustrated with the limited selection of women's outerwear available to her and other women for skiing and snowmobiling, so she launched her own line in 2010. DSG, which stands for Doing Something Good, started out as Divas SnowGear. The DSG hunting line followed in 2015. It was antithetical to the shrink-it-and-pink-it nonsense that had emerged. DSG's hunting gear is made for serious sportswomen who needs something that performs, fits, and feels good to wear.

Every piece available from DSG is designed with women's needs in mind, and the Kylie 4.0 Drop Seat Bib/Pant is no exception. From top to bottom, every feature is mean to increase functionality and comfort. The bottoms of the pants have snap buttons that can adjust the inseam, so that they can be customized for either shorter women or taller women. DSG strives to size-inclusive, with fit options from XXS through 5XL. Plus, I was able to convert the bibs easily to pants by removing the top bib portion.

I have never been so warm and comfortable outside on a day with blizzard conditions as I was when wearing the Kylie 4.0 Jacket and Bib set. All of the materials are soft and cozy, but still tough and toasty.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention one more really important feature of the Kylie 4.0 Bibs: the drop seat! For eons, men have always had the advantage of easily going to the bathroom while afield. Women have a totally different situation going on. But the drop seat feature on these bibs strives to make it a lot easier. It unzips around the backside, making accessibility easier for going in the wild.

Overall the Kylie 4.0 Drop Seat Bib & Hunting Jacket combo is gets a 10 out of 10 for being a superb product.