Dream Fishing Destination Spotlight: Kamuchawie Lake Outpost

Some of the best fly-in fishing can be had in Manitoba's wilderness, and the Kamuchawie Lake Outpost is one place to find it.

As anglers, we can sometimes get a little greedy. We want to have a good time fishing, we want to do it in a way we haven't done it before, and we want to do it without spending some of the outrageous prices a decent trip can cost these days.

But if you really want all of the above, there are ways to go about it. Some of them are rather untapped, too, and include untouched waters and at times an entire lake to yourself.

That's why we are highlighting some of Canada's exceptional fishing opportunities, and zooming in on Manitoba as one of the best places to fly in to the remote North American wilderness that we all dream about.

Specifically, we want to mention Kamuchawie Lake Outpost as a great example of the overall experience you're going to have when you visit this part of Canada. They're providing fishermen and women with the kind of mind-boggling angling that humbles even the most seasoned veterans of the rod and reel.

Just listen to how these guys describe the experience. It's one you aren't going to forget.

While other trips might be out of reach for a variety of reasons, this kind of opportunity isn't as costly or far away as some anglers assume. Discovering the kind of all-bases-covered package that Kamuchawie Lake Outpost provides is like finding the honey hole you never thought existed.

Ultimately, it's the potential to catch big fish (and a lot of them) that makes or breaks a trip. The northern and walleye are impressive, but it's the lake trout are what they're known for catching up there.

It's the perfect mixture of Northern Manitoba solitude and the comfort and amenities you'd expect from a first-class fishing lodge.

To learn more about Kamuchawie Lake Outpost, and for even more photographic persuasion, visit the Laurie River Lodge website.