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Dream Fishing Destination Spotlight: Great Grey Owl Mini-Lodge

A popular Manitoba fishing lodge's remote outpost might take the cake as a top angling experience.

There's a lot to love about fishing, and if you're branching out into unique and exclusive experiences, then this fishing destination spotlight is for you.

We're talking about the best of Manitoba fishing with a combination of the most knowledgeable guides, high-quality meals and amenities, plus a remote, secluded location that really gets you away from it all.

As a dream destination, the Great Gray Owl is as definitive as it gets.

Aikens Lake Lodge itself is world-renowned as a fly-in fishing outfit, but it's the smaller, secluded Great Grey Owl Mini-Lodge that really helps them stand out. They added it on to their overall operation not long ago, and its proven to be one of the most popular spots to stay ever since.

Take a look at what we mean, because words can't do this place justice.

Located on Aikens Lake, the gorgeous Great Grey Owl Mini-Lodge is only accessible by boat, meaning you'll have complete solitude from all guests and staff. The hosts will boat across every day to prepare your meals and guides will pick you up in the morning to take you fishing for the day, before they drop you back off for the evening where you have the mini lodge to yourself.

And, of course, with it comes the incredible multi-species fishing on Aikens Lake. Walleye, northern pike, and the famous lake trout can be caught in large numbers and large sizes. Sound like the type of trip you've been looking for?

It's a perfect balance between the main lodge experience and the full-on outpost package. The Mini-Lodge is great for a big family looking for one cabin to home an entire group, or a bunch of friends or colleagues looking to all stay in the same place.

Above all, it's the sort of place where you'll make memories, which is what this whole angling thing should be all about.

To find out how to book a stay at the Great Gray Owl, check out Aikens Lake Lodge's website.

And do what you can to make this dream a reality, because it's one of those trips every fisherman needs to take at least once.

Dream Fishing Destination Spotlight: Great Grey Owl Mini-Lodge