mouse trap trick shot
Image via Screenshot

Don't Try This Mouse Trap Trick Shot at Home

This mouse trap trick shot looks pretty spectacular on film, but you definitely shouldn't try it on your own. 

Coming up with and attempting trick shots is a fun way to work on your shooting skills. Whether or not you are actually able to pull off the shot is not vital to improving your accuracy, it's the process of attempting the shot that will improve your overall method of shooting. Most trick shots revolve around accuracy, and focusing on improving your accuracy is never a bad thing... unless you're trying to shoot something out of your friend's hand.

While this shot does look very impressive on film, it is an extremely dangerous shot to take, even for an experienced archer. You can take this shot successfully 99 out of 100 times, but if that 100th shot hits your friend in the arm, that's something you'll both have to live with forever.

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