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Video: Don’t Ruin Your Blade With These Knife Sharpening Hacks

Forget these sharpening hacks and buy a whetstone. 

You can find a lot of good advice on the internet. You can also find some pretty stupid advice. I’m not sure who came up with these knife sharpening hacks, but they obviously didn’t know what they were doing. All these hacks are good for is ruining a good knife.


Okay, if you’re on a budget and can’t afford a nice diamond whetstone, you can still get a decent sharpening stone for less than $10 and it’ll do a lot less damage to your knife than any of these hair-brained hacks. Personally, I prefer to avoid mechanized contraptions for sharpening. They can have a tendency to sharpen unevenly if you aren’t careful.

The best method for sharpening your knife, in my opinion, is to get a good whetstone and take nice even strokes on each side. You can use a bit of honing oil if you like, but I find a bit of water works just as well. Make sure to hold your knife at a good angle and slowly run the blade the length of the stone. Use the same number of strokes on each side.

With a little patience and some practice, you can get your knife sharp enough to shave with. Although, I still prefer an actual razor.


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Video: Don’t Ruin Your Blade With These Knife Sharpening Hacks