Donald Trump Jr. Challenges Swamp, Goes Gator Hunting

Donald Trump Jr. recently headed to the backwaters of Louisiana, not to drain the swamp but rather to hunt alligators.

"Drain the Swamp!" might be an apt refrain for the politics of Washington, D.C. But in Louisiana, folks want the swamp to stay, especially when it draws the likes of Donald Trump Jr.

Trump recently participated in a $5,000-a-head alligator hunting fundraiser for Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry. He made the trip with his girlfriend and former FOX host Kimberley Guilfoyle.

Trump Jr. thanked Landry for his early support of his father during the 2016 presidential campaign.

"It's just great to come back here because you guys do have the best food in the country," Trump Jr. told the assembled crowd. "Jeff's been great; we got to meet on the campaign trail when it was not even popular to be supporting us and he was into what was going on there."

Donald Trump Jr.

Rep. Steve Scalise with Donald Trump Jr. at gator hunt fundraiser. Twitter

"It's awesome to have guys like this in the state attorney general's office," he continued. "So I just wanted to come down and thank him, be with you guys and have a great time this weekend."

Once in Louisiana, Trump Jr. was joined at the event by House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La, among others.

"This is not your typical Reagan Day rubber chicken dinner so this is a fun one," Trump Jr. said in a video another attendee shared on Facebook. "I'm excited to come back down here again and I have a lot of friends in the area, people I've met either through fishing in Venice or hunting up north. It's just great to come back here because you guys do have the best food in the country."

Guilfoyle apparently also had a great time at the event, joking with the crowd that the pressure was on Trump to bag a gator because, "Mama needs a new pair of boots." She shared pics of the event on Instagram, including one of herself stirring a giant pot of alligator gumbo.

Donald Trump Jr.

Guilfoyle helping to stir a pot of alligator gumbo. Instagram

Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberley Guilfoyle. Instagram

The event sparked at least one humorous and eyebrow-raising photo from Trump Jr. He shared a photo on his own Instagram of himself swimming in the murky, algae covered swamp.

"This is what happens when someone bets me a good sum that there's no way that the guy from New York City would swim in a gator infested swamp/bayou down in Louisiana," the caption reads. "Easy money!!!"

Donald Trump Jr.

Trump Jr. dives into the swamp. Instagram

There's no word on whether or not Trump bagged an alligator or if Guilfoyle is going to get a new set of boots.

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