The Dogo Argentino Isn't a Meme, It's a Pack-Hunting Dog Breed You Probably Don't Know

This dog breed is so unique, I literally hadn't heard of it until now! This is not a breed for a first-time dog owner as they are a large, powerful breed. The American Kennel Club shares that the Dogo Argentino is a pack-hunting dog, bred for the pursuit of big-game such as wild boar and puma, and possesses the strength, intelligence and quick responsiveness of a serious athlete.

You have to do your research when looking for a reputable breeder too. This dog needs a confident, calm, and patient leader as his owner and many are attracted to his beautiful white coat.

"His strong head is supported by a thick, but elegant neck that connects to a balanced body, which is sustained by straight, substantial forelegs and very muscular, medium-angulated hindquarters."

He's bred to find and chase dangerous game!

What is a Dogo Argentino?

The Dogo Argentino was bred to be a big-game hound suited to the diverse terrain of Argentina's rugged mountains, harsh plains, and beautiful lake country. This dog can weigh up to 80 pounds.

The Dogo has a high activity level and needs a job. He can be an on-leash jogging companion but will not be satisfied to lie around and do nothing. Vet Street shares that he has a strong prey drive!

"He must also be prevented from chasing and killing cats or small dogs belonging to the neighbors. The Dogo has a high prey drive, a strong protective instinct, and a territorial nature, so he needs a strong, high fence to keep him on his own property. An underground electronic fence is not appropriate."

They're part of the working dog group designation.

Is a Dogo Argentino a pitbull?

Nope! The Dogo is instantly identifiable by his short, completely white coat. The smooth white coat sheds heavily and this breed is not hypoallergenic.  Always talk with a breeder about possible health conditions including hypothyroidism and deafness. Dogos may also be prone to glaucoma and laryngeal paralysis. And, like many large and giant breeds, the Dogo can develop hip dysplasia.

About 10 percent of Dogo Argentinos suffer from pigment-related deafness in one or both ears, which affects dogs that have white coats.

Are Dogo Argentinos aggressive?

This breed was used to hunt big game in Argentina. Argentine and other South American hunters began to use the dogs to track boar for long distances, then corner and hold them until the hunter arrived. 

The breed is trained to track down game and hold them in a corner until the hunter arrives.

Are Dogo Argentinos illegal in the U.S.?

The Dogo Argentino has been banned in the UK; Aurora, Colorado; and New York , New York. Unfortunately, the only people who use the Dogo Argentino for fighting are doing so illegally and this contributed to the breed ban. Other large breeds to consider are the MastiffBull Terrier, Boxer, Spanish Mastiff, Pointer, Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound, Great Pyrenees, and Argentinian Mastiff. The health problems should be discussed with a breeder and the typical life expectancy is 10-12 years.

This is a big-game hunting dog and really needs an owner that can manage their energy level. Mental stimulation will be important if this dog is meant to be a family companion.

Have you ever seen a Dogo Argentino? Let us know what characteristics you love about this breed!

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