Doggy Mom, Daughter Reunite for First Time Since Puppyhood

Prepare yourself for a doggy mother and daughter reunion of monumental PUPortions!

Unlike humans, animals don't spend too much time with their immediate family. After about eight weeks, many pups are separated from their mom and dad and brothers and sisters and, hopefully, sent off to a new home filled with complete strangers of a totally different breed.

But just because these pups are separated from their family at a young age doesn't mean they have forgotten the ones they love. Some pups are actually lucky enough visit with their loved ones after they are adopted into new homes, and when that happens, it's often quite beautiful.

Hence, the heartwarming video below:

It's clear that this doggy mother and daughter are well aware of who they are to one another. As soon as they meet, they are wagging their tails, sniffing, kissing, jumping, and showing all signs of a happy, heartfelt reunion.

Sometimes, it can seem wrong adopting a young puppy from the only family its ever known. That transition is difficult at first, but once they get accustomed to their new family, it's like a whole new world opens up. That doesn't mean they forget who momma is, and this heart-warming video is proof of that!

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This article was originally published January 9, 2018.

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