Dog vs Bear Porch
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Family Dog Confronts Black Bear on Porch and Scares It Away

When the habitats of humans and bears intersect, all sorts of bad things can happen to both parties involved, and it's happening more often than ever. As animals lose habitat, they increasingly find themselves wandering out of the wilderness and into conflict with people regularly. While some encounters end badly, we found one with a lucky ending. This security camera was set up on a porch in New Hampshire when it captures what appears to be one substantial black bear who has gotten curious about what might be inside the human's home. Before things can escalate any further, a large farm dog happens upon the scene and immediately decides to confront the wayward bruin.

The dog growls, bares his teeth, and unleashes a ferocious barking spree at the big bear, which seems perplexed by the whole situation. The dog eventually backs off the porch, giving the bear room to mosey down the steps. From there, the bear pauses again while the dog gives the bear more space to leave the scene, which it eventually and reluctantly does.

This close call was one of those scenarios no one wants to find themselves in. It could have ended badly for the humans and canine had the bear decided to get aggressive. Fortunately, this bear seemed lazy and decided to leave the scene rather than fight. Whatever piqued the bear's interest in the home or on the porch must not have been worth the effort.

The dog's owner commented on the video noting this dog is a ripe 13 years old. He's also apparently very protective of his family and their livestock. Surprisingly, this isn't the first time we've seen a dog bark a bear into submission. It doesn't happen all the time, but we're glad this video had a happy ending for all parties involved. The dog, bear, and humans all lived another day. Hopefully, this incident will make the bear a little more wary of buildings and humans.

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