$16 Sign Will Remind Your Neighbors To Clean Up After Their Pets

Just moved out to the suburbs? Be sure to get this dog sign.

Pet owners love other people's dogs, but that doesn't mean they necessarily want to clean up their droppings. Trust me, chances are your neighbors are 100% understanding that their yard might be your dog's favorite place to relieve themselves, but you should still be respectful and pick up after your dog.

This clean up after your dog sign kindly works as a warning sign to fellow dog owners and dog walkers. Besides looking and smelly messy, pet owners should be aware that their neighbor would like to keep their yard clean for children, hosting, and more.

Your Dog is Welcome As Long As One of You Cleans Up

You can find the dog poop sign in stock on Amazon for only $16. The clean up after dogs sign isn't rude at all, so if you feel like it might be a bit passive-aggressive, I highly disagree. It says, "Your dog is welcome." So yep, you're being a terrific neighbor, not being a pain about something that is natural. However, still being kind enough to remind neighbors to bring doggie bags for dog waste.

The high-quality pet sign is 10 x 0.04 x 7 inches and comes with metal bolts and a bend-proof stake with a pointed spike for easy installation. It is UV-resistant, so the clean-up sign will last for a long time.

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Customer reviews are fantastic. One customer gave the dog yard sign five stars and wrote, "A lot of my neighbors have told me their yards are staying clean now too thanks to my new signs and the little bags I have attached to them for people to use if they find themselves without anything to clean up with after their dog."

Good to know that the poop lawn sign is making a difference!

C'mon y'all, please be a good neighbor and pick up pet waste.

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