$30 Dog Hair Dryer Is Quiet Enough to Not Scare Pets After Bath Time

Getting your dog ready for bathtime can be a task within itself. If you can cut the time it takes to wrangle your pooch, wash them, and then dry them, you probably would. Drying off your wet dog with a standard towel is an old faithful method. However, using a dog hair dryer is a game-changing step.

Dog owners, you can now bring the luxury of a professional groomer right to your own home! Check out these dog hair dryers from Amazon.

Best Dog Hair Dryers

1. SHELANDY 3.2HP Stepless Adjustable Speed Pet Hair Force Dryer Dog Grooming Blower with Heater

Cut your drying time in half with this blow dryer. This device is great if you have a long hair dog. The airflow ranges from 65-135 MPH and is perfect to use for small dogs to large dogs.

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This blow dryer also features a noise reduction feature, which is great if your dog is scared of human hair dryers. The flexible hose stretches out to 73 inches and comes with four different types of nozzles, depending on your dog's coat. You don't have to worry about this dryer overheating, the temperature control automatically shuts the machine off in 0.5s.

This pet grooming hair dryer comes with a one-year warranty.

2. CHAOLUN Dog Dryer High Velocity Professional Pet Dog Blow Dryer 3.2HP - Dog Hair Grooming Dryer with Heater, Stepless Adjustable Speed, 3 Different Nozzles, a Comb and a Pet Grooming Glove

Speed up the drying process with this high-velocity dog blow dryer. The speed settings are adjustable depending on the size of your dog. Towel-drying your dog limits your ability to go hands-free. The long hose on this air dryer allows you to be less restricted with your movement, so you can give your doggie the perfect blow out.

Your dog's fur will feel super soft, as if they just left the groomer's grooming table!

3. iPettie Pet Hair Dryer, Quiet, 2 Heat Settings & Portable Dog Dryer with Slicker Brush, Professional Home Grooming Furry Drying Blower for Short Straight Hair Cat Dog, Narrow Gap Slicker Brush

If bathtime is a struggle, lessen your load with this dog grooming dryer. The 2-in-1 design allows you to remove tangles from your pet's undercoat. The stainless steel bristles are soft, so they won't scratch your dog. The variable speed and heat settings allow you to create a more comfortable experience for your pet. I love that this pet dryer is compact and easy on your wrists.

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