$22 Donut-Style Dog Cone Is Too Adorable (and Comfy)

There are plenty of cute and affordable dog cones that will help your pup stay comfortable and confident while wearing the often referred to as "cone of shame."

A cone is a medical device that keeps your animal from reaching sutures or injuries as they heal. Because they must be worn around the clock, ease of wear is a must. These comfy cones prove your canine can still be the most fashionable on the block, even while rocking their recovery collar.

Dog Cones and Recovery Collars

1. BENCMATE Protective Inflatable Collar for Dogs and Cats - Soft Pet Recovery Collar Does Not Block Vision E-Collar

Keep your pet from licking or scratching his wounds in an inflatable recovery collar that's easy to wear and won't block their vision. This soft and adjustable protective inflatable dog collar is also machine or hand washable.

2. Dunhuang Dog Collar After Surgery with Fluorescent Strip Recovery Collar Elastic Loops-Protective Collar for Wound Healing

This velcro soft cone is ideal for the active canine who doesn't want to miss a beat on the street. Featuring a fluorescent safety strip, the comfortable cloth design is also ideal for recovery, nail-biting, grooming, and pet bathing.

3. Supet Dog Cone Adjustable Pet Cone Pet Recovery Collar Comfy Pet Cone Collar Protective Collar for After Surgery Anti-Bite Lick Wound Healing Safety Practical Plastic E-Collar for Dogs and Cats

In search of a plastic dog cone? This extra soft protective cone is made from PVC and will help your pet feel most comfortable with a cone on. Ideal for both dogs and cats, the lightweight neck collar has a hook and loop design for ease of wear. Available in multiple dimensions for your pet's neck size.

4. BABYLTRL Dog Cone Collar for After Surgery, Soft Pet Recovery Collar for Dogs and Cats, Adjustable Cone Collar Protective Collar for Small Medium Large Dogs Wound Healing

An elizabethan collar will keep all four paws away from the injury site without causing discomfort for large dogs or small dogs. The padded cloth design is waterproof and easy to clean.

5. UsefulThingy Dog Recovery Collar - Soft Comfy Cone E-Collar Anti-Bite/Lick - for Cats Too, Quicker Healing After Surgery - 5 Sizes, 2 Colors

Searching for a recovery cone with a unique design? Ditch the hard plastic with a medium-firm e-collar donut made from protective foam that won't impair your pet's vision during wear. Available on Amazon in five different sizes.

6. ARRR Comfy UFO Recovery Collar, Water-Resistant Soft Adjustable Protective Cone After Surgery for Dogs and Cats, Elizabethan Collar

Talk about comfy. This soft recovery collar is like a neck pillow for your pet. Water-resistant and mold and dust-free, this pet cone was designed to look like a UFO. Your beloved pet will feel happy during the healing process while wearing this stylish cone of shame.

7. BINGPET Dog Inflatable Recovery Collar - Soft Pet Surgery Collar for Dogs & Cats, Comfortable Protective E Collar Prevent from Licking, Biting Wound, Cute Donut Design

Can it get any cuter than this donut inflatable dog cone? Suitable for both small dogs and large breeds, this inflatable protective collar is a fashionable remedy for scratching and biting during your pet's healing process. The adjustable buckle makes it easy to adjust to your pet's neck size.

8. ZenPet Pet Recovery Cone E-Collar for Dogs and Cats - Always Use with Your Pet's Everyday Collar - Comfortable Soft Collar is Adjustable for a Secure and Custom Fit

Voted as one of the best dog cones on Amazon, the ever-popular Zenpet is one of the most beloved pet recovery collar choices among pet parents. This easy-to-adjust recovery suit features a velcro closure and won't impair your pet's vision. This dog cone collar provides easy accessibility to your pet's collar.

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