Screenshot: 12News

Flashback to the Dog That Backed a Fisherman's RV Into a Lake

Apparently Dalmatians don't have the same grace with RVs as they do fire engines.

Eric Jackson, of Rock Island, Tennessee, is no stranger to backing a boat down a ramp. As a professional angler, a whitewater kayaker and the president of Jackson Kayak, he's spent a lot of time on the water.

Jackson was launching a boat at Lake Sam Rayburn the day before the start of the Fishing League Worldwide 2019 Tour when his 2-year old Dalmatian, Bodi, decided to switch gears, literally.

As the 38-foot RV sat in park on a ramp at the Umphrey Family Pavilion of Highway 255, Bodi supposedly bumped into transmission shift, putting the vehicle in reverse and sending it downhill.

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In the video, we see Jackson standing on the bumper unloading the boat when the white reverse lights flip on. In a state of panic, he jumps off the trailer and runs around to a door, trying to stop the vehicle from taking on too much water.

"By the time I got my foot on the brake, the back wheels were floating," he told 12News.

As the video continues, we see a considerable amount of water floating inside. It cuts off before we can see how that truck did pulling him out, but a Facebook post from Jackson indicates they did eventually pull it out and that it looks to be ruined.

"This RV will never leave Texas from what I can tell," the post reads. "Just about everything in it is ruined and the water damage to the floors and walls is starting to become an issue."

While this is bummer for Jackson, we can try to learn from his misfortune. Keep your dog away from the gear shift when you're on a boat ramp!