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Do Browns Hooked On a Nymph Jump Much? This One Wouldn’t Stop

This brown trout catches some mad air during a fight with one lucky fly fisherman.

Friend of Orvis Gilbert Rowley shared a piece of his upcoming film "Modern Nymphing 2: Elevated," and thankfully Orvis shared it with us!

When you see the classic elevation that this one brown achieves you'll realize why we spend so much time chasing them.

Here's the leaping footage:

Five Jump Brown

Our pal Gilbert Rowley will soon release "Modern Nymphing 2: Elevated," and here's a taste. According to Gilbert, all of these jumps are from the same fight. Check out the height this brown achieves!

Posted by Orvis Fly Fishing on Monday, April 2, 2018

According to the fisherman in question, all these leaps are from one hooked fish! That brown had to be getting at least four or five-feet out of the stream.

It's one thing if you are fishing a lake run of brown trout in the spring Great Lakes that can get over 10-pounds, and quite another to hook up on a traditional nymph and flyrod combo.

Thanks again to Gilbert Rowley and Orvis for sharing!

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Do Browns Hooked On a Nymph Jump Much? This One Wouldn’t Stop